White Asparagus

The average minimum diameter at the center is 10 mm, with a length from 18 to 22 cm. The commercialization takes place in homogeneous packs and it's weight can varying from 1 to 1.5 kg.
This asparagus is a multi-year plant, which lives and produces on average for ten years. The underground stem (rhizome) produces gems from which rise the stems, called shoots, which are the edible part of the product. These shoots grow and develop under the ground, in the land specially prepared in order to stay safe from sunlight and remain white. They are harvested by hand, by cutting the base with a special knife.

The taste of the asparagus evokes the flavor of the artichoke; when it is fresh has a taste of ripe corn. In particular, the white asparagus, sprouting entirely underground, has a mild flavor.