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Our company operates in the fruit and vegetable industry since the 80's, and it owes its name to the particular shape of the radicchio Variegato di Castelfranco, that just looks like a rose.
Mainly it engaged in production, processing and distribution of high-quality radicchio, It has its own facilities for the processing, storage and marketing of products. The constant commitment to maintaining and improving the quality of the production process in every part produced certain guarantees in respect of customers who express themselves in the reliability of products and services linked to them.


Our goods are high quality products and are tracked throughout the supply chain, thus ensuring the consumer the exact origin of every single item


We work the product in different ways, depending on the customer requests we can package it in different types of cases or individually


We are present throughout the country and work with major retail chains


We are also able to export our products all over the world and in a short time, thus maintaining the product healthy and unchanged

How we do it

Here's the process that follows each product before getting into the homes of consumers


Seeds are selected


We proceed to transplant


Starts the harvesting phase


The product is processed


The product is packed


The finished product is available for sale


Our range

Our strong point is the production of all varieties of radicchio, but we have also extended our product range with asparagus and Jerusalem artichoke (topinambour).
Everything is produced in the local area and is always followed rigorously during each production process.

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Some numbers to remember

1 working hour to produce 1 kg of radicchio La Rosa di Padova
4000 Days is the average life cicle of an asparagus plant
40 Are the averages varieties for each type of radicchio
219 000 KG of CO2 saved per year thanks to our fotovoltaic plant

High-Quality Products

Quality is the main characteristic that distinguishes us. We always select grade products and carry out numerous checks throughout the production chain, also thanks to the in-house production of seed we can select the best variety during subsequent years. This allowed us to carry on strains that fit better way to climate change and have developed a progressive immunity to pests that damage or interfere with the natural growth and development of the product itself, so minimizing the use of products for their restraint.

We gained GlobalGAP and IFS Food certification's to ensure an excellent quality level, the safety of food and the satisfaction of its customers.

Red radicchio nutritional values

The values below are per 100 grams of red radicchio.










The history of our products

Our systems make it possible to identify each product, from the DNA of the seed to the store and thus ensure absolute food safety; for us the tracking and tracing of goods play a key role in ensuring transparency to the customer.

Tracking means to track all the steps that the raw material follows in the production chain; to do this we attribute an identification number to each consignment to which will be added all the necessary information to monitor them.

Tracing is the reverse process, ie the ability to trace back, safely and fast, the history of the product; this is very important for locking in a timely manner and accurately any problems.

Radicchio is a great anti-aging remedy: is rich in antioxidants that inhibit the processes of cellular aging

Recent studies conducted at the Urbino's University seems that the red radicchio contains much more antioxidants than most foods famous for this property as cranberries and raisins

The Jerusalem artichoke, thanks to the content of inulin, is a plant very suitable and indicated in the diet of people with diabetes because inulin works as a carbohydrate reserve (in replacing of starch) independently of insulin

Topinambour has always been known to reduce cholesterol and to stabilize the concentration of glucose in the blood and of the uric acid

Asparagus is rich in vegetable fiber, folic acid, vitamins and minerals and is highly recommended for the prevention of type 2 diabetes

The consumption of asparagus is also recommended in the prevention of cancer, especially the lung, breast, colon, larynx and bones

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Via San Cosma 13/C, 35043 Monselice (PD) - IT


Via Pozzetto 33, 35020 Tribano (PD) - IT



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